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The Suspension System may be one of the most important systems on your vehicle.   The basic function of the Suspension System is keeping the tires in contact with the road at all times.  Using Shocks and/or Struts, Control Arms, Stabilizer Bars and Links, Ball Joints, Bushings, and Coil Springs, the Suspension System controls the most crucial part of your suspension: The tires.  The tires (and the air in them) soften the ride, control the direction of the vehicle, control the stopping, and transfer the power of the engine to the road.  Unless something has gone horribly wrong the tires are the only part of the Suspension System or any other system that makes contact with the road.  

At their core Shocks and Struts function the same way by using hydraulic fluid filled cylinders to force the Suspension System to compress and decompress in order to prevent the Coil Springs and vehicle from bouncing freely.  When these cylinders leak or wear out they can cause the vehicle to feel like a boat caught in waves when going over bumps and potholes.  Another noticeable sign of failed or failing suspension can be seen in movement from the front of the vehicle.  Under heavy acceleration the front of the vehicle may lift up slightly and when braking it may dip down.  Improperly controlled suspension can even increase the stopping distance of your vehicle.  This process can sometimes happen gradually over such a long period of time that you may not even notice until they have completely failed.  A properly functioning Suspension System will allow just enough feeling from the road to alert you of unsafe conditions, but not enough to make the ride uncomfortable.

Like most other aspects of modern vehicles the suspension system is also constantly evolving.  Some vehicles come equipped with Electronic Suspension or Air Suspension.  These can allow you to adjust the firmness of the suspension depending on your driving needs.  Some versions of Air Suspension, such as those used by Land Rover and BMW,  allow the driver to control the height of the vehicle to help navigate different road (or off road) obstacles.  

At Import Auto we carefully inspect your Suspension System with every visit.  Though we hope we do not find anything of concern, rest assured that if we do we have the tools and experience to repair your Suspension System quickly and, more importantly, correctly.   We use only parts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications in order to maintain the safety of your vehicle and prevent premature tire wear from improperly controlled suspension.  Our Digital Inspections allow us to take pictures of your suspension system in order to show and properly explain our recommendations and the reasons we have made them.  We know you are not often under your vehicle so we use this inspection to show you everything we can about your vehicle from the comfort of your couch or our waiting room.  

If your ride is not as comfortable as it used to be or you see concerns and uneven wear on your tires call, text, or stop by Import Auto.  Our expert technicians will inspect your vehicle with the care you deserve to keep you safe and secure on the road. 

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